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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Memes, "ratchet" aka ghetto Instagram dresses, comments, pranks back firing…
I must say I come across hilarious pictures quite often on the internet also many inappropriate or just tacky photos. You be the judge. I'll make this a regular thing because it's never ending.

I think she is absolutely gorgeous, it's a shame she didn't see the tag on her dress. Or maybe she knew,  I didn't know wearing clothes backwards was a thing again. 

Now you know that's wrong, why do they have share links on porn sites, who would be crazy enough to share their porn preferences with friends and family? lol

Squats are something else and guys fall for a backside everyday lol

These Instagram dresses are too much, would you wear this?

lol just wow

That's just crazy lol

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Peep the comment by "westcoastdragon" lol that's cold

Crazy lol

Never would I ever….

Never would I ever, again….
Pretty girl but wow, move too quickly and everything is out lol

I heard this was for a cause or something, it had meaning but I still found it funny...

girl, this ain't a competition….

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She makes me want fake boobs…

They come up with crazy, creative ways to show off their assets everyday.

Yes this is Sharkeisha's twitter… this is just a mess.

I want to see more of this clothing line, sucks I forgot where this is from

Can you guess what meme this is by the intensity?


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