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Friday, April 4, 2014

Stay tuned to see more of this lovely lady

I lost all motivation to lose weight for several months, if you follow my videosFacebook  or Instagram then you've noticed I've stopped shrinking.  I simply stopped caring about my weight mainly because I had way more important issues going on in my life, things that could really make or break me. 

So forgive me if my priorities changed and I couldn't provide you with an update, I know how to put on a good face, I know how to conceal my problems with a smile. You could say I'm an open book but I'll admit I'm not THAT open, I'm not telling the world all my business just a small portion accompanied with a very detailed explanation.

 If you're detailed enough people tend to feel they know all about you and all of your business and don't really try to pry.

Back to the weight loss or LACK of weight loss, I have not weighed myself because it is not important to me how much I weigh. It is something I have an interest in knowing once I reach my ideal size but it's not something I'll focus on again considering my first weight loss and how absolutely obsessed I was with the numbers.

I mean I'm not HUGE anymore but I definitely don't have my old/ideal shape, here's a recent picture, I gain and lose weight in my face so this is very telling.

See what I mean?

May 2013 - Dec 2013

My original motivation, Dj Harry - All my Life. This song was played on repeat when I was going through it, financially, emotionally, romantically. It really lifted my spirits and made me feel desirable again. ( I was dealing with such an idiot)

Ledisi - I Need Love fit my situation perfectly also, but I had issues embedding the video here so check it out on Youtube.

Music that makes me feel sexy is my motivator, I require uplifting vibes to get my mind right and help me focus. I also require fashion blogs lol the models can't be dangerously thin though, I prefer personal fashion blogs so stay tuned to see my beautiful muses.

Why I forgot about the #1 source of inspiration for my weight loss? Well I went through a whole bunch of crap that made me forget about a lot honestly, if you haven't heard the messed up story click here.

This song also makes me feels sexy, sometimes it isn't even the lyrics, sometimes it's the melody and vocalist that make me sway my hips back and forth, make me want to work towards my goal. So what I'm saying is, Latch by Disclosure ft. Sam Smith was all I needed to start me back up again. I heard this song yesterday and wanted to share what reignited my drive.

Now I'm not saying I don't feel beautiful or that I'm not beautiful at my current size. I just don't feel as sexy as I used to there is a difference (e.g. I feel little girls are beautiful, I don't feel they are sexy)

Click #2 to see my beautiful muses


Blake Von D is absolutely gorgeous isn't she?! My goal is a CINCHED waist just like Blake, I have smaller hips than her so a small waist is a must, otherwise I'll look like a ruler lol
It also gives off a subtle hour glass shape which I've come to love more than a voluptuous one.
I have large breasts (they will shrink the more I lose), skinny legs and small butt like her and my other muses. So using her as inspiration makes sense for me.

Proceed to see more beautiful muses.


Jane of Sea of Shoes is quite legendary in the blog/fashion world for many reasons, I've been following her blog for over 5 years and watching her style evolve and waist shrink was so motivating.


Vashtie is fabulous. Plain and simple her style and shape is me. Yes, me. Loose fitting attire, form fitting, she wears it all and so do I. And she's so TINY!

Hopefully this give you an idea of my current weight loss motivation, I require sounds and visuals but in past months the ones I turned to had lost their effect. Sometimes you have to switch it up and sometimes you have to dig up old playlists and blogs.

Hopefully I've shown you something you could use or share with a friend. Be it music, fashion or a nice frame.

Click below to check out more great music


This song makes me feel at peace, it's not the lyrics in Summerfling, it's the melody and the echo of Willow's voice.

This song is EPIC! It makes me want to be sexier, not sexual but sexy. I can wear a hoodie and sweats and feel sexy ;)


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