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Ki'Anna, also known as Kiannaluv21 is a 24 year old eccentric, freethinker with way too much time on her hands. You'll usually catch her on Youtube discussing hair, weight loss, her breasts, social issues, etc. with tons of off topic comments thrown in (think of every Family Guy episode minus the change in scenery) just to keep you entertained.

If you met her you'd probably be shocked to find that she's only 5'2" and way more relaxed than her videos might suggest, but you must understand when the cameras come on she lights up and when they go off she's still a little hype and then it dies off and she goes back to staring at the computer screen which has been her addiction for over 10 years. Addiction/Passion, whatever.

She'll joke with friends and then get all introspective and question the background of said joke and whether society plays a part in people's perception of it and if that contributes to the humor and whether or not our humor is morbid and so on and so forth.

She's finally decided to follow her childhood dream and write a book (or twelve), that she hopes will become a New York Bestseller and turn into movies and fan fiction and land her jobs on several networks and back to movies, basically she wants her name immortalized. Being remembered 500 years from now is important to Ki'Anna because so many people are forgotten through the years and she does not want to be one of them.

Kevin Hart's success is her current motivation.

Don't Call Kevin Hart an Overnight Success
While some might say that Kevin Hart has taken over the entertainment world overnight, the 34-year-old actor and comedian has to disagree. After working for 18 years in the industry and filming three stand-up comedy specials, he believes it was just a matter of his hard work paying off.

The girl has got big dreams, her only problem is staying focused on one thing at a time, having ADHD doesn't help, but sometimes her FOCUS tattoo does. Keep an eye out for more blogs, videos and podcasts from Ki'Anna aka Kiannaluv21.

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